Buying a memorial lot as investment

More and more young professionals are now seeing the value of saving money and making an investment at an early age, and the pandemic has definitely contributed to this major shift in their attitude towards investing.

But where should you start if you want to build your investment portfolio while also just starting to build your career?

It’s quite simple. Invest in something that is guaranteed to appreciate in value over time, and which you can afford with your current salary, like a memorial property.

Yes, you read that right. A memorial property is just like real estate whose value goes up each year. This means that the sooner you buy it, the more affordable it is. But compared to regular real estate, memorial properties are much cheaper, which makes it ideal for those who are just starting to invest. Aside from being relatively more affordable, it can also be paid in installment.

“It doesn’t matter how big or small your take home pay is. It’s your willingness to save and invest that matters. Build as many assets as you can in your 20s and let them work for you in the next decades of your life,” shared Maryjoy Pinuela, a 28-year-old employee and MBA student who recently got the certificate of ownership of the property that she purchased from Eternal Gardens.

Maryjoy bought two special premium lawn lots in 2019 and paid for them in easy installment terms for two years. She will be able to sell the property after five years at a much higher price. And since a memorial lot is a necessity, selling it in the future will be quite easy. “If ever your goal is to preserve your capital and earn through appreciation, a memorial lot property might be a good choice of investment for you,” she added.

Like Maryjoy, you too can make the smart move and start investing in a memorial property while you are still young. Contact your nearest Eternal Gardens branch today to know more.