March is National Women’s Month. It is an opportune time for women to take center stage – to stand up for their rights, challenge stereotypes, break barriers, and serve as pioneers of change. We are one with the nation in recognizing women’s valuable role in society and proving that inclusive and sustainable development is only possible when gender equality becomes obtainable.

Today, we are putting on spotlight one of the seven female branch managers of Eternal Gardens, handling our Santa Rosa project, Ms. Marissa Aguirre. This empowered woman has been with the Eternalite family for many years, and without a doubt, she has proven how women can be more than what they are expected to be.

Marissa sees her mother as the perfect example and model of an empowered woman. She described her as a very selfless, kindhearted, giving, and loving person – traits that she admires the most about her mom. She also shared that even with illness, her mom prioritizes the welfare of the family.

Looking at her stint as a female branch manager, she shared that it is not easy to take charge of the whole branch. “I have to be strong to face challenges. I have to think positively and make decisions not only for myself but for the branch as a whole, for my co-workers, for our agents, and even for the clients. I am thankful for the support of the branch’s personnel and bosses,” said Marissa. Despite the unfortunate times that she has encountered, she stood and remained sound, and delivered excellent work for the company – a perfect testament that women are great leaders, too. She also said that based on her experiences, people are now more open to women playing key roles such as managerial positions. “I guess society is more open-minded now and accepts managers whether a man or a woman. Gender does not affect that much,” Marissa shared.

Marissa describes the modern women of today as brave, someone who knows what she wants in life and can stand alone. “She is a fighter,” she added. For those young girls of today, take these pieces of advice from Marissa, “Be strong, be confident and finish your education. Know your worth. Life is not easy. There are many obstacles in life, but as long as you know what you want, and with perseverance, you can surely achieve your goal. Don’t dwell on negativity. Always be happy, and don’t forget to pray.”