Eternal Gardens, a premier memorial park developer in the Philippines, is proud to be home to empowered women who are part of the workforce, that take the role in transcending the mission of the company to deliver efficient services to Filipinos. As we celebrate Women’s Month, it is the perfect time to showcase the empowered women in the Eternalite family. In the spotlight today is the branch manager of Eternal Gardens Lipa, Ms. Tess Marzan.

Tess has been in the organization for many years. She started as back-office personnel before she got assigned to be one of Eternal Gardens’ branch managers. She admits that being in this position is not easy, but she makes sure that she always keeps herself open to new learnings. “I am challenged and still learning the ropes, admittedly a work in progress, but I find it fulfilling. There may be slip-ups, but I take it as a learning opportunity for my professional growth. Rough roads are expected. I know I can pass through them by staying focused and dedicated, and that I have mentors or coaches around to show me the way,” said Tess.

She also shared that one challenging part of her job is to represent the branch and deal with different people. Tess finds it challenging because she is a timid type of person. But as days pass by, she is trying to boost her confidence. “Being back-office personnel then, and now that I represent the branch, I find it hard interacting with customers and clients. I am shy and timid but now am learning how to get past it and overcome with confidence,” she shared.

Aside from being a career woman, she is a mother too. Despite the hectic schedules and tasks assigned to her, she still manages to nurture her children together with her supportive husband. She assures that her family is filled with love and guidance. “Luckily I am able to manage being a mom and career woman at the same time, a little less challenging for I have a supportive husband. I don’t have to do it all alone. We may be busy with our own path, but we ensure a work-life balance environment not just for our family but also for our well-being,” Tess said. Indeed, time management is important to achieve a work-life balance. And this is also important for the company, to allow their employees to have time for their family – the very reason why we are working so hard.

Tess’ values as a woman are based on what her mom imparted to her, whom she considers her idol. “The person I idolize is my mother. Her unselfishness and toughness to uphold and support our family moved me. She is a supportive and good partner to my father, a role model I want to emulate. Her desire to give us a good life, the education she never had being from an underprivileged family, and not letting us go through the hardships she went through is so admirable,” she said.

With all the experiences and challenges that she has encountered, she believes that: “Being a woman in today’s generation is being independent, strong and confident, but kind and compassionate at the same time. Women today are rooting for emotional and financial security not just for themselves but also for their loved ones.” With these realizations, she reminded young girls out there that: “Life may be difficult; challenges may scare you, make you cry and make you feel a bit down, but never give up. Stand up, be empowered and proud for you will be tomorrow’s women of purpose,” she ended.