Today’s generation is far different from the previous ones, especially when it comes to gender equality. “The women of our generation can freely showcase our strengths, we can continue to improve our abilities and stand firm for what we believe in”. This is how an empowered woman defines a woman in today’s era. Eternal Gardens is fortunate to have been blessed with an amazing number of such women in the organization. As we continue to put the spotlight on them, Ms. Racel Sevilla, our branch manager in Binan shares her story to inspire and empower others.

Racel is a career woman and a mom at the same time. For many years, she has been serving Eternal Gardens through the different tasks she is asked to take part in. At present, she stands as the branch manager of the Eternal Gardens park in Binan, Laguna. Despite the challenges and demands that her duties entail, at the end of the day, she always finds it rewarding. “Being able to assist and supervise the branch operations is a challenging and fulfilling task,” she shared. In her remarks, she also added the importance of putting heart to passion, and loving your work every single day: “Being able to enjoy the career that I love makes easier,” she said.

Days are not always light at the office. Racel cited occurrences where her decision-making and other leadership skills are tested. “For instance, when handling client concerns in contrast with our implemented regulations, we give them the best compromise possible and take all their suggestions into consideration,” she shared. When it comes to gender-based issues, she happily shared that in her many years of stay in Eternal Gardens, she has not encountered any discrimination. “Today’s society is very understanding and does not limit a person based on their gender. Women nowadays are independent and have a high sense of responsibility,” she mentioned. Indeed, the company allows its workforce to shine to the best of their abilities, regardless of their gender. It gives spaces for career and personal growth, and it helps one to soar and achieve their dreams.

As a mom, she always assures that she has ample time for her children. She stated that her values, especially when it comes to womanhood and motherhood, were from her mother. “My mother is a strong woman who takes care of our family selflessly and brought us up while working at the same time. She is the very definition of a mom who will give her everything for her children,” she shared.

Both are equally challenging roles but she still manages to be the best version of herself in whatever task or role she is in. “I see to it to have a work-life balance. I condition to put my mind on work mode during office hours, and focus on my family when I am off work. Having a supportive family and a good work relationship in the branch can ease the management effort between my family and career,” shared Racel.

She also advises all the people, especially the young girls: “Be ready and prepared to face difficulties and challenge whatever life throws at you. Learn to balance your priorities and not be easily influenced by others. Just follow your dreams and be the best you can be,” she ended.