In photo (from left) Eternal Gardens Lipa Branch Manager Teresita Marzan, Donna Penaroyo, and Erlyne Penaroyo.

Eternal Gardens Lipa, a leading memorial park in the city, sponsored a rejuvenating Wellness Package Treat for a deserving mother and her daughter as part of the joyful celebration of Mother’s Day.

The exclusive package was awarded to the winner of their recently held online contest, “Bakit Natatangi ang Iyong Ina?” Participants shared exceptional traits of their mothers, and the fortunate recipient of the Wellness Package Treat was Erlyne Penaroyo, whose daughter Donna Matulac wrote a heartfelt tribute to her mother’s unwavering support and unconditional love throughout the years.

The winners were treated to a relaxing spa experience on May 17, 2023, at the renowned Mapalad Massage Spa.

The Mother’s Day Wellness Package Treat aimed to honor and recognize the selfless love, care, and sacrifices that mothers provide every day. Eternal Gardens Lipa believes that mothers are extraordinary individuals who deserve to be pampered and celebrated for their exceptional qualities.

Eternal Gardens Lipa takes pride in connecting with the community and recognizing the invaluable contributions of mothers. By sponsoring the Mother’s Day Wellness Package Treat, the company hopes to show its deep appreciation for the mothers who have shaped and nurtured our lives with their love and care.

The company remains committed to serving the community and fostering meaningful connections with its clients. As a leading memorial park in Lipa City, they continue to uphold their mission of providing quality services and supporting the community during important occasions such as Mother’s Day.