Eternal Gardens – Lipa, a leading memorial park in the region, conducted a Father’s Day ESG Initiative on June 17, 2023, at the Barangay Multi-purpose Hall Open Area in Brgy. Inosluban. In collaboration with the Barangay Council, the branch organized the event titled “Libreng Gupit, Saya ang Hatid kay Tatay!” to provide free haircuts to the dedicated Barangay Council functionaries, safety officers, bio man, volunteers, and residents of Brgy. Inosluban.

The primary objective of this initiative was to foster inclusivity, equality, and compassion within the community. By offering complimentary grooming services, Eternal Gardens – Lipa aimed to honor fathers and express appreciation for their important role in society. The project provided an opportunity to show love and go the extra mile to help fathers look their best.

Honorable Barangay Chairman Miguel Olgado, Sr., graced the event and expressed his heartfelt appreciation to Eternal Gardens Lipa for initiating such a remarkable project. He acknowledged the significance of honoring fathers and their indispensable role in shaping families and communities.
Meanwhile, Ms. Tess Marzan, the Branch Manager, also shared that this ESG initiative could spark another future project for the benefit of the residents of Brgy. Inosluban.

Eternal Gardens Lipa’s Marketing Officer, Nikki John Pagsuyoin, shared that this Father’s Day ESG Initiative, “Libreng Gupit, Saya ang Hatid kay Tatay!”, serves as a testament to Eternal Gardens – Lipa’s commitment to the community. The company is dedicated to going beyond its core services and extending a helping hand to the residents of the city they serve.