Eternal Gardens Lipa held their first-ever Acrylic Painting Contest on August 26, 2023, in time with the branch’s 31st anniversary. With the theme “Balik-Tanaw,” aspiring Lipeño artists showcased their passion and creativity.

Despite the unpredictable weather conditions, the participating artists demonstrated their unwavering determination and artistic flair as they poured their hearts into their canvases. The theme “Balik-Tanaw,” which translates to “Looking Back” in English, inspired each artist to craft unique and heartfelt images that honored their departed loved ones. In a race against the clock, all participants successfully completed their masterpieces within a two-hour timeframe, showcasing their remarkable dedication and artistic prowess.

The highlight of the event was the presentations and judging segment, where each artist passionately described their creations and the profound connections they held with the theme. Judges and spectators alike were captivated by the depth of emotion and artistic expression displayed during these heartfelt moments.

After careful deliberation, Mr. Menard Llanes emerged as the top-prize winner, earning well-deserved recognition for his exceptional work. Meanwhile, Mr. Jed Hael, and Ms. Camille Resma secured the second and third places, respectively, showcasing their immense talent and creative interpretation of the theme.

The esteemed panel of judges for the contest included Ms. Minnie Atienza, Mr. Emmanuel Silva, and Mr. Jerry Gabo, recognized experts in the field of arts. They generously shared their invaluable tips and insights with the aspiring artists. Their guidance served as a source of inspiration and encouragement for the contestants as they embarked on their artistic journeys.

This momentous event not only celebrates the rich artistic talent within the Lipa community but also strengthens Eternal Gardens’ commitment to fostering connections between art and spirituality through their affiliation with the religious arts.

Eternal Gardens Lipa expresses heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, judges, and spectators who made this event a resounding success. The Acrylic Painting Contest serves as a testament to the enduring power of art to inspire, heal, and connect individuals on their journey of remembrance and reflection.