Have you wrapped your Christmas presents yet? Picking the right gifts for our loved ones is always a challenge. Our first thought, of course, is to buy something tangible like material gifts that our loved ones might need or really want for Christmas.

But having spent almost two years in quarantine amidst a raging pandemic has put everything in perspective. Even something as mundane as choosing the right gift, which entails spending money, can be a very tough decision now that we have seen the importance of having money for unforeseen circumstances, such as an unprecedented health crisis. The realization that we need an emergency fund has led to a major shift in our priorities.

Giving material things is thoughtful, but what if you can give your loved ones a better gift this Christmas? What if instead of giving them something that might fade or may be lost, you can give them something that will help secure their future needs?

You might have heard of gifting someone with an insurance policy, as this has become popular recently, no doubt because of the pandemic. But there is another intangible present that you can give your loved ones, which can save them from future worries: a memorial property investment.

Now, before you raise your eyebrows, or furrow them, there are a few things that you should know about memorial properties. First, memorial properties are real estate. Just like a regular lot for residential and commercial establishments, a memorial lot is considered real estate, which means that its value appreciates over time.

Second, a memorial property may be purchased pre-need at a much lower price, and can be paid in easy installment terms. This way, you won’t feel a big dent on your budget even when you start paying for your purchased memorial property.

Third, a memorial lot is a necessity, which means that if you decide to re-sell your property in the future instead of using it, you can be sure that someone else will buy it, at a much higher price, of course. And this is how you earn interest from your memorial property investment.

So giving the gift of a memorial property investment means you want your loved one to have one less thing to worry about in the future. They may choose to use it when the inevitable happens, or sell it in the future once the value appreciates. Either way, you would give them something that will take care of their future needs.

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Whatever you decide to give your loved ones this Christmas, remember that it’s always the thought behind it that counts. Whether it’s a simple gift, or a really fancy one, what’s important is that we are able to let our loved ones know that we care about them, not only during Christmas season, but always.