D. Antoinette Foy once said, “I am in awe of flowers. Not because of their colors, but because even though they have dirt in their roots, they still grow. They still bloom.” This inspiring statement is indeed very applicable in life. We may have encountered a lot of challenges and trials in life, but it is our choice whether we allow them to doom us, or conquer them and bloom to the best version of ourselves. Today, let us learn from a woman who accepts challenges, does her best, and achieves things beyond what is expected of her. She is the first female assistant branch manager of Eternal Gardens’ pioneering park, Baesa, Ms. Marinelle Garcia.

Manel started her career in the company as a Customer Care Coordinator where she mainly handled and assisted clients’ concerns and requests. She has been one of the office frontliners that assure that our clients are satisfied with our service, and that their inquiries are well-attended. After some years, she was asked to be the park branch manager, and yes, she answered the call of service.

Manel admits that it is indeed a challenging task. A lot of responsibilities entail the position, including having to manage not just the park but the workforce composed of diverse personalities as well. “Taking charge of a whole branch is not a joke, it is a big responsibility. It’s a combination of chaos and triumph! It’s always awesome to develop rapport with all of the team members that become family. Sometimes, the challenge is the task being assigned, or the uncontrollable and unforeseen issues arising may become overwhelming, but to overcome those has its own charm,” she shared.

She also makes sure that she is careful with herself and leads each member of the team to a harmonious relationship with each other. “Being the first female assistant branch manager of Baesa, I tend to be extra careful so as not to trigger criticisms, and one of the biggest challenges for me is dealing with negative thoughts from other people. I continuously work on becoming consciously aware of them with more positive and encouraging thoughts or to accept them and decide to move forward despite their issues,” Manel said.

On being a career woman and a mom at the same time, Manel gratefully expressed her appreciation to the company for allowing them to have a work-life balance. “You don’t have to be “just” a mother or “just” a career woman. You can be both! You simply need to learn navigating both by finding balance. It’s also great that I get the opportunity to work in a parent-friendly company”.

Manel, in her remarks, defines a modern woman as more compassionate towards others without sacrificing her own self’s peace. “We also strive for our goals even in the face of adversity that we may encounter along the way. We are all-powerful and assertive, yet kind at the same time,” she added. Manel also mentioned that since she was a child, she idolize her mom in all aspects of womanhood. “She did everything for us truthfully as one with my father. My mom was loved by many people. Aside from being simple, she has a kind heart that is willing to help others in all facets.  She shows braveness in facing challenges in life, that’s why I’m so thankful for having my mom in my life,” she shared. 

Our empowered woman also gave a piece of advice to all the ladies out there: “I want you my fellow ladies to be encouraged by love. Be encouraged by positive minds, be encouraged by your intelligence and desire to make all your goals, dreams, and aspirations come true. Always love yourself like you deserve to be loved.”