Here’s a quick win-win realization:
With the still ongoing problem of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncontrollable inflation rate bringing our economy down, it has become a necessity that we focus our attention, efforts, and resources on what truly matters – what will potentially help us survive, double our resources, and what we can call “ours” forever — investment. Some people might not be ready to talk about this or are just hesitant to dive into this topic but your being here is not a coincidence — you are meant to be here and we will tell you why.

Memorial Investment is one of the promising trends in the investment industry, particularly in real estate. It goes with other known real estate properties such as houses, lots, and condominiums that appreciate their value or in simple terms, obtain higher price worth over time. Safe to say, it is putting your resources in a property that can give you a higher price value in the future, can secure you and your family’s resources, can be sold if the need arises, or can be the resting haven for you and your loved ones should the inevitable comes.

But when is the perfect time to invest? Young as you are, you can already start investing in memorial properties and develop your investment portfolio as it requires a lower down payment and manageable terms for installment, making it easier for you to obtain the property within the span of two to five years. You also have the luxury of choosing the best plan and location while getting it at a staggered, budget-friendly payment term which is not available if it becomes your urgent necessity. In which case you are obliged to pay it in full and the location may not be as convenient as you wish because you only have to choose among what is still available.

In checking for possible memorial investment, you may want to consider these factors that can help you decide where and how to obtain your best memorial property in the finest condition possible:

Best investments prosper more with the best partners
Since memorial properties are only a portion of memorial parks where you wish to invest, it is right to consider the reputation of the developer from whom you will be obtaining your investment. Trace the background of the developer and their performance in the memorial industry. Always choose the most trusted, the most commended developer which has grown stature and reputation in the memorial industry. One of the best to exist in the competition is Eternal Gardens, which has served thousands of clients across the country for more than 45 years and has earned its spot as one of the prime memorial park developers in the Philippines.

Best investments provide convenience and accessibility to their investors
Consider the location of the memorial property you wish to obtain as it signifies how progressive the economic potential of the investment may be. The economic performance of the vicinity where the memorial property is situated greatly affects the value appreciation of your investment. To put into context, Eternal Gardens in the City of Santa Rosa, Laguna has become one of the best-chosen memorial parks for investment because of the city’s rapid economic growth and development. Road works and infrastructures are continuously rising in the area, making it a strategic place for investment. Investors who obtained their properties in the pre-selling period are already enjoying almost 200% return on investment, attesting to the potential financial upgrade it can provide to you as an investor.

Best investments prosper because they are well-maintained and secure
When choosing a memorial property, consider the best practices of the developer when it comes to its maintenance. A property that is well-maintained throughout the years is easier to sell or in some cases, use. Choose a memorial park that never lets its beauty falter – clean roads, green lawns regularly trimmed, a well-constructed drainage system, and 24/7 security. Take for example the Baesa, Caloocan branch of Eternal Gardens which has been in operation for 46 years. Its investors and clients continuously commend the park for its high maintenance of facilities despite being sold out already.

Memorial investment is the best preparation for the future, whatever it may hold for you. It can open several doors of financial opportunities: an income, a property that can be sold, or a property that can be perpetually yours. Indeed, a win you deserve. An early dive into this endeavor can guarantee a safer, more manageable settlement scheme and will not only bring you peace of mind but also, abundance in finances and peace of mind as well.

Eternal Gardens, in its 46 years of existence, has proven its worth and value over time; and in this new venture of yours in the memorial industry, the company guarantees not to let you down.

Secure your tomorrow by choosing what is right and best today. Choose to invest. Choose Eternal Gardens!